Beauteque Monthly | K-Beauty Subscription Box

Beauteque Monthly | K-Beauty Subscription Box




Another month, another beauty subscription box to share with you. I hope you are enjoying this “Subscription Box Journey” with me as much as I am! If you haven’t checked out my Ipsy Journey or my Birchbox journey check them out and let me know what you think. This is my first time trying any K-Beauty products (aka Korean Beauty) and I’m excited to see what all the excitement is about. PLUS have you ever seen a beautiful Korean woman who didn’t have glowing skin?! 

I discovered Beauteque Monthly from CoffeeBreakWithDani and PrettyInProse on YouTube. After watching and reading up on the Beauty Box and Mask Maven I decided to go ahead and give them both a try. Below I will break down both Mask Maven and the Beauty Box for October. First things first, you might be saying “Stephanie it’s already November, why don’t you have your act together?”  Beauteque Monthly does their subscriptions differently than other company. They take order through the 15th of each month and then begin shipments. I received my box on the last weekend of October. 

Let’s get to the fun stuff! 

October Beauty Box – $24 per month

6 Full K-Beauty 

Bergamo: Luxury Caviar Wrinkle Care Cream $24.99

This anti-wrinkle cream instantly dampens the skin and forms a natural moisture barrier on the surface.

Contains caviar extract and hyaluronic acid.  

Continuously give moisture to your skin and helps to provide a bright complexion.

Botanic Farm: Soft Cover Pore Balm Primer $18

This soft-textured pore balm primer controls shine and sebum.

Covers up noticeable pores and uneven skin texture.

Contains green tea extract and witch hazel water- helps prevent acne.

Doesn’t feel heavy and won’t get “cakey” while wearing it with makeup.

COS.W: Collagen Eye Zone Mask $6.99

Wake up tired, puffy eyes with COS.W Collagen Eye Mask Pads.

Includes 2 Sets of 30-count pads. Reduces under eye bags and fine lines via intense hydration for smoother, more refreshed eyes.

Restores Elasticity and suppleness of skin around the eyes with nourishing collagen and Vitamin E.

Potent Antioxidants in green tea and papaya extracts repair damaged cells to combat signs of aging.

Esfolio: Green Tea Facial Cleansing Tissue (20 Sheets) $8

Moisturizing cleansing tissue in which green tea extract is contained.

Keeps skin moisturized and soft.

Thick fabric removes makeup and dust without skin irritation.

Moose Headband (headband) $6.99

A super soft and stylist way to keep your hair back while washing your face or masking!

Doesn’t pull or tug on your hair the way other headbands do.

The Saem: Semi-Pro Multi-Color: Pearl $7.99

Shimmer and shine with this pearl pigment!

This adds the perfect glow for a flawless highlight.

Mask Maven – $15 per month

8 K-Beauty Sheet Masks

A’Pieu: Chi Ka Po Ka Tooth Brushing Mask $3

Contains bamboo charcoal which draws out the dirt from your pores while also moisturizing skin.

Allows you to eat, brush your teeth or talk comfortably while wearing the mask! Helps you save time in the morning while getting your mask on!

Candy O’Lady: Candy Mask- Mellow Cotton $2.25

This sweet little pouch with the fulfilled essence gives skin long lasting moisture.

Refreshing sweet lemon candy scent.

CNF: Cosmetic Iceland Mask Sheet – Mangosteen $2

The sheet mask is eco-friendly cloth made of non woven fabric!

Contains Mangosteen- has antioxidants and anti-inflammation properties. 

Leaves your skin healthy and moisturized.

Elizavecca: Red Ginseng Deep Power Ringer $3

Contains red ginseng- good for anti-aging, toning and brightening.

Moisturizes skin, leaving it with a healthy finish.

Works wonders for tired, dull looking skin.

Feferafe: Ice Cream Mask $4

Contains all the perfect ingredients for a deliciously good looking skin!

Green tea extract helps repair damaged skin, prevents inflammation, and tones skin.

Strawberry extract helps combat oily skin.

Tahitian vanilla extract is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

Holika Holika: Baby Pet Mask Cat $3.50

Watch the mask transform right on your face!

Soothe your skin with this adorable cat mask.

Contains aloe which helps rid skin of dark spots and acne scars.

Niju: Brightening Mask $2

Contains niacinamide- provides hydration to skin and is a brightening agent that helps reduce puffiness. 

Contains vitamins B,C, & E

Overall leaves skin brighter and glowing!

Wish Formula: Bat Eye Mask $4

This mask targets fine lines and controls oil secretion.

Contains blackstrap powder and lemon extract which help brighten dark circles around the eyes.

Leaves skin well hydrated. 

My skin is excited to try out all these amazing sounding products and let you know what worked and what didn’t. November’s Beauteque Monthly theme is “Bon Voyage”, which is simply perfect for me. Place your order before or by November 15th to join in all the fun. Let’s be honest with the holidays quickly approaching you will need a little extra self care and pampering to make it through.
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