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Welcome to The Cowboy & I! My name is Stephanie and I’m so glad you’ve discovered my little corner in the blog world. I welcome you to snuggle up with a warm cup of tea and scroll for a while. I started blogging when I was much younger, but The Cowboy & I was birthed after my sweet husband proposed. When we began to plan our forever together I knew it had to be documented. You see I’m just a norther girl who fell in love with a sweet southern boy, and my world has never been the same since. After packing up all my clothes and other things I moved down south to start a new chapter in my book. Here you will find many stories of our life on the homestead, DIY projects, beauty and fashion posts, and our love for Disney.

How Old Were You When You Got Married?

The cowboy was 22 and I was 20 when we tied the knot.

You can read all about being married young and my thoughts on it, here.

How Long Have You Been Blogging?

The Cowboy & I has been online for over two years, but I started dappling around with blogging about 7 years ago.

What Camera Do You Use?

Currently I use a Cannon EOS Rebel T3. With an EFS 18-55mm lens. I love my camera and think it’s perfect for beginners (like me!) I do however have my eyes on a few other lenses.

How Many Times Have You Been To Disney?

I’ve been to Walt Disney world over 11 times and each time gets better and better!

Catch up on the latest Disney love, here.

One Piece Of Advice For Other Bloggers?

 Be. Yourself.

In a world where everyone wants to be the next big blog, it’s a lot of pressure. But never sacrifice who you are just to gain more readers. People want originality, and real life, so always choose yourself over anyone else’s style. The way you blog, is what makes you, you!


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