A Prayer For Our Husbands

A Prayer For Our Husbands


I can’t believe this is the last week of The Cowboy & I’s 1st year of marriage. It’s completely crazy to me how quickly this year flew by. I feel as though Christmas was just last month! Six months ago I posted about some lessons I learned already while being married, you can read it here.

I’ve discovered one of the biggest and most important thing to do within my marriage is to actively pray for my sweet cowboy. Our loving husbands work so hard to provide for us, and to put food on the table. They wake up every morning and make the drive to work just to be brought down by the weight of their workloads. The importance of praying for my cowboy rang true in our marriage once I actively, and specifically started praying for favor in his job. Right away I saw God’s hand working. This morning I thought it would be amazing if we all could join in a prayer for our husbands, future husbands, and way off future husbands.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you so much for my best friend, and husband. Thank you for bringing him into my life at just the right time, and blessing us with the relationship we have. As my Cowboy (place husbands name) begins his work day I pray you give him energy and a clear mind. No matter what today’s work load may look like, or be, I pray you give him the focus and determination to complete his tasks with excellence. As the world around him pours negative ideas, thoughts, and words, into his life I pray you place a hedge of protection around his heart and mind, to stay positive and focused on you. Please give him favor with his bosses, and in his Job if this is your will for his life.

Let my husband be a light that shine bright in his work space, so that all may know him knows he serve a mighty God. Let him love those around him, even those who are hard to get a log with. Give him desernment in business transactions, and meetings. And when he’s out with customers please bless him with the right words to say.

Thank you lord for my husband and thank you for going before him today and already winning the battle.

Imagine the radical change in our marriages of we prayed this over our husbands daily!




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