A Penny Well Spent

I had the most amazing thing happen to me this week!

I’ve been shopping around for a Smash book to use during The Cowboy and I’s honeymoon. During my search I came across one laying around Michael’s. I also found a wedding Smash book, unable to decide between the two I went to check out both. (with the intent to return the one I didn’t love)

The lady in front of me gave me a %40 off coupon, and before the cashier scanned it she said this wonderful phrase:

“That little book is only a penny”

A penny, how could that be!? Apparently when something discontinues at Michael’s they price it at a penny on clearance! I had no idea, this could be very bad for The Cowboy.

Are there other deals out there like this I need to know about? Please share you insight!





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