5 Things

5 Things

I’m really excited to share with you today 5 things that I am loving recently! I thought about making a monthly blog post, but didn’t know if my 5 things would change that frequently so we are just winging this thang! Let’s dig in, also at the end of this post I would love to hear about the things in your life that you are currently loving! 

1.  If you follow me on Instagram you saw me show casing an order from Sierra Trading post in preparation for our Colorado trip. One of the two pairs of shoes I purchased were these amazing leather chaco sandals and they are AMAZING! I messed up my ankle in high school and college and the after math is awful. I have the hardest time finding shoes that don’t aggravate my knee and ankles that are also cute. These cuties did an amazing job! I’ve basically worn them non stop until I left them in NWI, there were tears. But seriously I have worn these sandals with shorts, dresses, t-shirts and blouses! They look good with everything! I got them in the color Mecca.  


2. My second favorite thing right now is the Aspyn Ovard Eye & Cheek Palette by Tarte Cosmetics! I love makeup, it’s one of my favorite ways to express myself and enhance my natural features. I tend to not do those fun bold eye looks, natural and sparkly are more my thing. This eye palette is all your natural eye goals in one! I have been using this every day for a long time now and I simply love it. I enjoy the scent and formula of Tarte’s Amazonian clay-powder, they blend so easily and have fantastic staying power! The highlight is the bomb in my opinion and the blush is very pigmented, use a light hang girl friend! 


3.  Speaking of makeup I have gotten back into watching beauty/lifestyle Youtubers! When I first started watching Youtube I could waste hours learning how to perfect my makeup and loved to try new things. I’m not sure how or why but around Christmas time I really enjoyed watching these videos again while I wrapped gifts and got ready in the morning. I wanted to share two of my favorite Youtubers with you today! Jessica Braun from JamBeauty89 is who started it all this time around for me! I love her personality and feel like we could be best friends in real life. Her husband also has his own travel Youtube channel (TylerTravelsTV). They just welcomed their first baby into the world and she is adorable, PLUS they have a dog and LOVE DISNEY! The second Youtuber is Dani with CoffeeBreakwithDani. This girl cracks me up! She is fun, energetic, positive, and REAL! I love watching all her videos and want to be her best friend. Her Get Ready with Me videos and weekly Vlogs are some of my favorites.  




4. I recently just finished up an amazing Bible study and would 100% say it has been one of my 5 favorite things as of late. Psalms for Prayer was such a refreshing study for my personally. We walked through 21 days of Psalms, learning how to pray through each topic and then write our own prayer. It truly filled me up and encouraged me to write out my prayers frequently to God! If you don’t want to purchase this study you can read the free online devotionals HERE for al limited time.



5. Last but not least is Morning Grace’s Sisterhood Summer! For those of you who missed my blog about Morning Grace I can recap for you. Morning Grace is an online community my Mom and I started to encourage women of all ages in their walk with Christ! This summer we kicked off an amazing series called “Sisterhood Summer”. Each week a quest writer will be sharing their heart PLUS there’s a special summer GIVEAWAY! I’m loving this series and the fact that it’s connecting women from all over to each other, and God! 



That’s it! 5 things I’m currently loving. What are some of your current faves? I would love to know about them, share with all of us in the comments bellow!  

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