Wednesday Braindump

Hey there, welcome to Wednesday Braindump!

Can I just say the first half of 2017 has been insane! So many things have changed, and happened. We moved into town, started new jobs, had surgery, dug deeper into our own ministry and more. It’s crazy to look back and realize half the year is already gone! Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me? I’m also that person who has all these fun plans for summer but never seem to do any of them. Can anyone relate?

The good news is even if I don’t check off my summer fun list Chris and I will be returning to Disney in less than 100 days! I’ve been tossing around the idea of using Chatbooks to document our trip this year. Have you tried Chatbooks? Do  you like it? Leave me a comment or reach out on social media I would love to hear your thoughts.

Because of our love for Disney I’ve also been thinking of blogging more about Disney! I know lots of people ask us how we travel, where we stay, what do we eat and so on. If you are interested in Disney themed posts let me know! I’m always wanting to know what you enjoy reading, don’t hesitate to ask for reviews, or posts on anything!

Although I look distant here on the blog I still take hundreds of photos a month of my dog, coffee, Chris (he never lets me post them) and flowers. For your viewing pleasure… a picture dump of the past few months!

My bosses spoiled me for Administrative Assistants Day!

Since we moved into town Daisy won’t let me be in a room by myself and has to me touching me 🙂

Mercy is our friend’s little girl and she is the funniest kid I’ve met!

Our little town had a festival and it was fun to walk around town and try new things! 

I got the most delicious drink in one of these pineapples and it was amazing!

Chris and I spent a short weekend enjoying this view!

Our flowers are blooming at our new home and it brings a smile to my face every day!

Because this is Wednesday Braindump I have discovered the world of BitMojis and OH. MY. GOSH. How fun are they. After discovering how fun it is to use BitMojis I obviously made both my parents and Chris make ones. And for your enjoyment here are a few of my favorites. Not going to lie… these might become a norm around here…

Thanks for joining me for Wednesday Braindump, I really don’t have a meaning to this post other than I miss blogging so much and all of you!

Sprinkle Some Joy

(you can tell she’s like “are you serious right now?”) 

It’s crazy how much love a person can have for their dog. I remember when we got Daisy. It was before our one year anniversary. I was really struggling with homesickness and slight depression but as soon as I hugged that tiny ball of fluff joy swept over. I find it funny how a tiny changes in our lives can alter the way we experience our joy?

Ultimately God is our true source of joy. I love stepping back from life and seeing how He sprinkles joy all over. Sometimes the happiness we are searching for comes in the form of a fluffy puppy to take care of, a good doctor report, and sometimes God provides joy through bonding with friends. He knows exactly what we need and when we need it. I often have to remind myself to take that step back from life and breath. We overcomplicate so many things: love, confidence, salvation. In the end all of these things are gifts from God we just simply need to unwrap and accept.

Think about it like opening a gift. We can leave an unopened gift in the closet and never know or experience the happiness the gift might bring. We might even forget it was ever given to us. But if we tear the wrapping paper off the right away we can experience the joy that gift brings. If you knew something amazing waited inside a gift your friend gave you wouldn’t you want to open?

Today my prayer for you is to choose joy. While your whole world may be in the mists of craziness (which seems to be my current norm) take a step back, breath, and focus on the gifts God has given you.

The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with JOY

Psalm 126:3 (NIV)

New Home Photos

(we are so not Dirty Dancing material lol)

Chris and I have officially moved into our new home and have almost completely unpacked #winning Our new home is so adorable and I cannot wait to share pictures with you once we are settled in. My Mom was able to come and help me think through decorating ideas and it’s going to be adorable. It was so calming to have her here even if it was in the middle of madness. I’ve been pinning a ton of fun new ideas on Pinterest and I look forward to pulling it all together. I’m trying to create a new decor style than the one we had in a previous home. I feel the need for change and that excites me!

The thing I love the most about our new home is how happy it feels. There’s natural light in every single room and it just feels so cheerful. Update on our current life situations I had my first oral surgery this week and wow was that was crazy. I vaguely remember asking the dentist if I could keep my tooth to put it under my pillow to help pay for the surgery… I mean why not try, right? So I’ve been recovering in our home while spring is blooming outside and it’s been nice. Chris has been taking really good care of me, I love him so much! Also I’ve consumed a mass amount of jell-o…

What have you been up to? Another random thought I’m wanting to sign up for some subscription boxes! What are your thoughts? What do you love or hate, leave me your thoughts in the comments bellow or tweet me @thecowboyandi

Hello Spring 2017


Happy first week of spring everyone!

Here’s to fresh blooms, freshly cleaned homes, and pulling out our colorful wardrobes! I’m tired of wearing my bulky sweaters, let’s bust out those flouncy sundresses and rejoice! I guess that means I should probably go shave my legs huh? Just kidding!

What are some of your favorite parts of spring?

I always get excited to see the grass start changing colors first, to see those new blades popping up brings anticipation and excitement for the change of season. And it might seem crazy but I always get this wild hair to deep clean my house and throw away/thrift all the things I don’t need. My mother was right when she said a clean home is a clear mind. She’s so wise.

Spring also reminds me there is beauty in starting over. Sometimes I think we forget the beauty of grace and the ability to start fresh and move forward. This year I’m trying hard to learn how to accept and practice grace in my life. Reminding myself to let go and live in grace instead of that awful state of perfection. Can I get an amen? As Spring slowly crosses over each of our states and you watch new flowers push their way through the dirt, I hope you are reminded that God’s grace is sufficient. In moments when we are weak He is strong. When we feel dead inside with nothing left to give that is when He picks us up and brushes us off.

Without God’s grace we can easily allow weeds of bitterness and doubt to cover us, but the moment we let His grace cover us our blooms start to show.

My hope for you today is that you are able to find a moment to sit still with your favorite cup of coffee or tea and let God’s grace flow over you like the change of a new season.


Skincare Talk

| bareMinerals Blemish Remedy |

| Mary Kay Microdermabrasion Plus Set |

| e.l.f. Hydrating Bubble Mask |

| Mary Kay Botanical Effects Mask |

Hey guys! I’m so excited to be talking all about skincare today! The other night I tweeted possibly doing some beauty videos for Youtube and I got a lot of positive feedback. To kick things off I choose something I could talk about for hours, skincare. The older I get the more I realize how important skincare is to my daily makeup routine.

Today I’m braking down four of my current favorite add in skincare items. These products are not your staple cleanser and moisturize but rather products that enhance your routine. All four of these products cater to my sensitive skin’s needs so I will be talking about them from that view point. Almost all of these amazing add in options are gentle cleansers. The Microdermabrasion Set has a higher level of exfoliation compared to the other products mentioned, but again I have sensitive skin and use this weekly.

OK OK OK enough! Let’s get to the video and start chatting it up about skincare!

All the products mentioned are linked in the video description!

Check out the video bellow for all the details and let me know what you think!

(lol at my face in the video thumbnail)



**All opinions are my own, this was not a sponsored video or post**



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