Hello August!





It’s hard to believe it’s already August. Does anyone else feel like 2016 is just zooming by? It feels like just the other week we were ringing in the new year at the homestead. School is right around the corner and all the students are in denial. It’s the best working with college students, when you ask what day they go back non of them know!

No offense to July but I’m glad it’s over! I don’t know about you but it just felt like everything that could be stressful all piled up into July. So here’s to a new month with brand new possibilities! Like Instagram for instance, they’ve rolled out a brand new feature in August full of potential. Rabbit trail… wouldn’t it be great if our lives could have updates? A notification telling us when our character needs to be tweaked, and our attitude needs to have an adjustment. Just a thought. ¬†

Exciting things are taking place this fall and I’m already anxious for the cool air to blow in. I know some of you will get this, I haven’t traveled in a few months and my feet are starting to get itchy again. In September we’re leaving for family vacation to Disney (yay!) I don’t think C and I will ever get sick of going to Disney but I think after this trip we might switch it up a bit, maybe visit Disneyland. Some of our family went to Disney Pairs and it looked like so much fun! In November I’m scheduled for a work trip to Vegas! I’ve never been to Vegas and I’m totally pumped, more news to come later. Not including a trip home I want to squeeze in somewhere… I’m in desperate need of some mother daughter time!

So here’s to August! Do you have any last minute summer plans?

xoxo stephanie

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes





Happy almost weekend! Fun fact every weekend in July has been booked solid for the cowboy and I, actually every weekend in June and July have been booked basically solid. This weekend we are off to celebrate a wedding in our family, and I can’t help but brag my sweet hubs is the best man, because he is the best man ūüėČ

One of the reasons are weeks and weekends are always booked up is because I have a crazy work schedule. But one of my jobs heavily revolves around makeup and I’ve picked up some really fun and interesting facts… like you’re suppose to clean your foundation brush every other day. Even better if you clean it every single day! Why? Because this insures the application of your foundation for a flawless face!

Now makeup companies often sell their own brand name makeup brush cleaner but if you’re cleaning your brushes faithfully you can run through that brand name cleaner pretty fast. This is a trick we use at work and it leaves our brushes incredibly soft and feeling like brand new. Bellow you will find the easiest most cost efficient way to clean your makeup brushes! If you follow me on snapchat (@thecowboyandi) you would’ve seen the video version of this but here’s my step by step process.

Items Needed

Dishwashing Soap

Rubbing Alcohol (90% or higher)

Two Cups

All Your Nasty Makeup Brushes You’ve Possibly Never Washed

Let’s get started!¬†

1) Squeeze a dime size amount of dishwashing soap into your cup, fill with warm water.

2) Add brushes, let sit for 5 minuets. Swirl your brushes around to loosen up the months/years worth of makeup stuck inside them.

3) After 5 minuets rinse brushes and cups out with warm water. Once the brushes are running clear under the warm water move to step 4.

4) Pour rubbing alcohol into the cups fill it about a quarter of the way. Fill the rest of the cup with warm water. Drop your brushes back into the alcohol mixture and swirl for 5 more minuets.

5) Rinse brushes and cups. Let dry over night!

And that’s it, it’s one of the easiest makeup hacks out there. And I promise your brushes will feel softer than ever before!

What are some of your favorite makeup hacks?

 xoxo stephanie

Instax Mini 8 Camera Review + Tips








¬†In April I went on a business trip and brought along my brand new Instax Mini 8 pink camera and couldn’t wait to use it! I had seen a lot of bloggers, and instagramers using and raving about the Instax Mini 8 camera. So clearly¬†I had to get one for my trip. Let me just say money well spent! My Mom and I had so much fun using and learning how to use my new/old camera. Isn’t it fun how everything old is now new again?

Not only is this camera fun and unique it also has it’s own learning curve. For the generation that didn’t grow up with polaroid cameras we’re at a disadvantage. With film costing $1 a pop learning how to not waste film becomes way more important. Unlike a digital camera, where you can snap 10 pictures and¬†have 1 turn out. Film is different you don’t get a redo. I’m not going to lie I ruined a least a package or two of film learning how to adjust my setting for my Instax Mini 8 and how to snap a perfect polaroid.

Not wanting my fellow readers and friends to make the same naive¬†mistakes I did here’s a few tips on how to rock you Instax Mini 8 photos!

Don’t Believe The Settings¬†

On your Instax Mini 8 camera you have 5 settings. 1) a¬†house, ¬†2) a cloud, ¬†3) a sun, 4) a bright sun, 5) and Hi-Ray. When you turn on the camera an orange light will flash where on what setting it suggests. Something I learned was make sure you’re pointing the camera directly at what you want to take a picture of and then view the suggested setting. This camera is highly sensitive to light, and even a different angle can affect the settings. Just because there’s a little house setting doesn’t mean that’s the best option for taking a photo inside.

Learn Where Your Focus Is

Unlike a digital camera the Instax Mini 8 has a focus that is slightly off. This is due to the fact that the lens isn’t lined up with viewer. Once you realize this all you need to do is simply adjust where you line up your lens for your photo! Easy fix!

Buy Extra Film 

If you’re not a seasoned polaroid photographer you will for sure need to buy extra film. Don’t second guess this just do it! 1) you will either take some really bad photos first or 2) you will love this camera and have the desire to take photos non stop.

Practice Makes Perfect 

Don’t sweat it! Practice makes perfect so don’t expect yourself to be a perfect right away. Take your time, have fun, and enjoy your new toy!

I’ve linked a few other favorite items for the Instax Mini 8 bellow that I have and love! Plus a cool printer where you can print photos from your phone on mini polaroid film! This is on my amazon wish list for sure!

xoxo stephanie

Summer Makeup Routine





It’s no secret I’m white. Or should I say pale? Translucent? Clear? Porcelain? Somehow even when I have a tan I still look white! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve come to grips with this a long time ago and I love my skin color. But finding a good bronzer has been next to impossible. All I want it a nice glow, I don’t want to look orange. Ever. And so often bronzers turn my skin orange or make it look like I have dirt on my face…. great. Summer time is the season where everyone wants that nice natural¬†glowing look. Every girls goal is to achieve this during the hot days of summer.

I’ve been receiving a lot of compliments on my skin recently and today I thought it would be fun to show you my summer makeup routine and the products I use to achieve my favorite natural summer look!

First I always begin with a freshly washed face. I don’t need to remind you how important it is to wash your face every morning and every night to keep it clean and healthy, do I? Starting with a freshly¬†washed and moisturized face I now add primer. I only use primer when working with mineral powder which is my go to foundation. I enjoy using the Mary Kay Foundation Primer but I also like Smashbox Photo Finish Primer¬†as well. While my primer is setting I normally go blow dry my hair or check Instagram.

After a few minutes I then apply my foundation. I love bareMinerals Original Foundation, it’s a build-able mineral powder which is what I love about it. Plus bareMinerals offers a wide variety of shades for all skin tones. I’ve been wearing this foundation since I began my makeup journey and always return to it. Once I’ve applied my foundation evenly I add Mary Kay Sunny Spice¬†as my bronzer. This is my go to color for bronzer! It adds that nice warm glow without making my face look like I played in dirt the best part? It’s actually not a bronzer it’s blush! Next¬†I mix Sunny Spice and Strawberry Cream¬†and brush it across the apples of my cheeks. These two colors give my cheeks the perfect summer glow! I’ve also linked bellow some of my favorite makeup brushes!

What are your favorite makeup looks for summer? Any new products you’re just loving? Leave a comment bellow I’d love to know!

xoxo stephanie

Happy Two Year Anniversary







I can’t believe¬†that today marks the cowboy and I’s two year anniversary!

Two years ago today my heart was pounding in my chest, and I couldn’t stop wringing my hands. I knew by the end of the day we would embark on a¬†brand new adventure as husband and wife. My dad walked me down the aisle of the church I grew up in, his sturdy hands calming my nerves. I knew this was going to be the best day of my life. The ceremony itself flew by, I’m so grateful for our wedding video that allows me to re-watch such a special day. I wouldn’t change anything about our wedding. We had all our friends and family with us celebrating and it was simply perfect!

Young girls always ask me “how did you know Chris was the one?” And I just smile. One of the best feelings in the world¬†is when you know you’re going to spend the rest of your life with someone. The moment I realized Chris… errr the cowboy… was different was through prayer. Before we officially named what we had together the cowboy would pray with me every single night before we parted ways. This is when I knew he was different. This is when I knew he was “the one.”

Since our wedding¬†day I’ve learned so many things about myself, marriage, and southern living. I love when our anniversary comes around because it gives me great reason to reflect on the past year.¬†Today not only¬†marks two years of being married to my best friend, but it also marks two years of growth!

Happy anniversary Chris, I love you more today than ever before!

xoxo stephanie

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